DC Bus Trip 4/12/14

We’re very happy to announce our first bus trip of 2014, away to DC to visit the Scum on Saturday, April 12th! We say this every year: there is no better way to learn the songs, meet your fellow ESC members, and really join the family than to be on one of these bus trips, […]

Home Opener Tifo help wanted

The home opener is quickly coming up and members of the South Ward will be out this weekend working on the Tifo for our home opener. ┬áBut we need your help! ┬áThese works of art aren’t created by magic, but by the clubs with the effort and support of members like you! So come out […]

Hurricane Relief Drive

As you are undoubtedly aware, millions of people across the area have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Homes have been flooded or washed away, electricity has been out for days, and dozens have died. It’s been a sobering reminder of what are truly the most important things in life. While we can’t do much to […]

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