Ballots for the 2019 Empire Supporters Club board election will be emailed on Thursday, December 20th to all current paid club members. The voting period will expire at 11:59 pm on Thursday, December 27th.

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Victor Arroyo

     To me, the Red Bulls organization, and especially its fans, are more than just a football club with passionate followers, it’s a dysfunctional family. Being the father of a family of 5, all of whom are proud supporters of the amazing Red Bulls fan base, I can confidently say that I know all the responsibilities and expectations that come with leading a sublime household. As a fan and Empire member, I always look forward to supporting my team with my charisma and positive attitude, no matter what the score may be. With the opportunity to become a part of the esteemed Empire Supporters Club board, I see an opportunity to use my platform and passion to continue to grow our family and lead everyone into future matches, waiting for our chance to Twist and Shout.

     One of the proudest moments of this past season was the ability to share my passion for the Red Bulls club with another family I cherish, my work family. Ever since I joined the Empire Supporters Club 6 years ago, I’ve brought many friends to games to show them what it means to be a true supporter and sit in the supporters’ section with my Empire family. During one of our best matches of the season, our home fixture against the universally maligned DC United, I was able to organize a few events both family and company complete with seats, a tailgate, and some recognition on the large screen during intermission. It is always amazing to show everyone a glimpse of the world I live in every game day. I have even been able to convert some non-believers into season ticket holders who will be fresh faces to our section this coming Spring.

     That is what this opportunity means to me. Not only does it give me the chance to express my love and passion for a club and supporters that have given me so much, it allows me to spread that experience to continue to transform our Red Bulls supporter family into the best in the MLS.

Christopher Cruz

Hey everyone, my name is Christopher Cruz and I'm seeking your vote to become a board member of the Empire Supporters Club. You might recognize me as that big guy from the perch screaming "LOUDER!" during games. I've been a fan of the Red Bulls since 2010 and have had season tickets since 2014. Thanks to ESC, the passion and love that I have for this team has had an outlet since 2015. I have been lucky enough to contribute to ESC in the past by being a capo on the perch or in the section (at RBA or on away trips), helping with tifo painting sessions, or assisting in the various charitable activities the club performs. Members of this club motivated me to become a capo and after several years of experience in ESC, I feel that I'm prepared to take on a leadership role within ESC and use it to keep propelling us forward. I would like your vote to take my involvement to the next level as a board member of ESC.  


If elected, I hope members would see me as someone who is approachable to bounce their unique ideas off of that would improve our club. Personally, I would like to implement improvements to our website and continue our social media presence to help serve all our members. I would want to hear from all of you and act as a sounding board for everyone involved in ESC.  I want to continue growing this club and creating an environment of inclusion and support so that we can continue having members develop and ultimately step into leadership roles when the time is right for them. If you vote for me or even if you don't, thanks for taking the time to read this and participating in this process. ESC Siempre/Forever. 

Pat Glodkowski

     For those of you who are unaware, my candidacy has become a staple in Empire SC elections. However, I am as eager as ever to become a board member and hope to be given the honor to serve the club.

     ESC has become a big part of my life ever since I joined it with my friend, Evan Accardi. Years ago, we worked to set up ESC @ NYU to help grow the club, and make our marks as new members. Fast forward a handful of years, and it’s safe to say I’ve had some really beautiful and painful memories with the club. From seeing us lift our first Shield, to the closing of El Pastor; me being a bus captain for that infamous Columbus playoff away game not long ago (actually not sure if that was a good thing for you all) to the dismissal of Petke; from our glorious 7-0 thrashing at Yankee Stadium to losing loved ones among us. Having been apart of this club has left me with memories that I will carry for years, if not the rest of my life. My hope now is to pay back my club for those memories.


     As it seems to be the best way of communicating with the base, below are bullets points of what I want changed, and if you’re not of the “TL;DR” persuasion, I have written about each bullet with more detail below that:


  • Expanding the supporters club

    • More targeted membership drives

    • Revisiting the idea of coordinating college initiatives like that done with ESC @ NYU

  • Revamping the club; enhancing club’s intra-community engagement

    • ESC Monthly / ESC Annual Report

    • New website

  • Fun stuff (don’t think this section needs more detail)

    • ESC tank tops

    • ESC Vodka

Outreach / Recruiting Program
When I co-founded the ESC NYU chapter, we saw first-hand the difficulties of not just bringing people to a couple games, but converting them to committed members who consistently partake in and become intimately involved with the club. I will be prioritizing growth in order to ensure our continuity and the maintenance of our club’s legacy, which would entail both the college initiative as well as a broader outreach.

ESC Facelift
As our group continues to grow, keeping up will all the activities and operations of the club will be more difficult. That being said, I propose launching an ESC Monthly. The idea is to provide a “what’s what” in the club, and allows the board and members to have a platform to discuss the ongoing operations of the group as well as profiling certain people and initiatives. Additionally, I envision this to be another way to increase supporter involvement, by leaving space for op-eds, and as a way to reintroduce the drunk of the week award (critical item for me). Moreover, I believe an Annual Report would be a great way for us to look back at the year and all the memories we have created (think of it as a less corny year book – not to say the ones previously made were corny!)

In order to better distribute these publications, I want to relaunch / revamp the ESC website. Basic functionality I would like to see includes: linking social media accounts for ease of posting, interaction with fellow members, and payments (membership and shop), among other possibilities.

Concluding Remarks
My hope is to work with as many people in the club as I can in order to hear out what our base would like to see get done. I hope to help us step up into the next level and make way for the next stage in our history. Come elections, remember – Glodman Can.

First Last Forever,



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