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Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is very simple, and we ask you to take a minute to read it, as you have agreed to abide by it by purchasing a membership.

All of the terms below apply equally to every member of our club, regardless of rank, standing or seniority. All terms will be applied equally to those involved, and the decision of the ESC is final.


  1. No member of our club is permitted to engage in violence during any of our events, home or away, regardless of how any event was started.

  2. No member of our club may antagonize other teams, fans, or supporters clubs into violence during any of our events. Chant and sing, yes, but taunting to provoke a fight or acting in a purposefully confrontational manner is not why we are here and will not be tolerated.

  3. Racial abuse directed at any player, fan or supporter of any team, including our own, will not be tolerated.

  4. No member is allowed to throw objects onto the field at any time.

  5. No member is allowed to destroy stadium, club or team property.

  6. No member is allowed to stand on seats during home games.

  7.    Members are not allowed to harass other members, especially including any behavior that is threatening and/or physical in nature

  8. Any other behavior deemed inappropriate by the leadership of the ESC is subject to the same terms of the code of conduct.


Actions in violation of these terms may result in temporary or permanent suspension of privileges, and/or refusal to grant access or admission to any of our events including section 101 for home games, as outlined below. No refunds of membership dues will be given if a member is expelled from the club.


Violation Guidelines


These guidelines should only be used for complaints against ESC members. They should not extend to non-members. These guidelines should be used for actions which could affect the club as a whole. They should not be used to settle a dispute between two parties, unless such dispute is serious enough that the Club needs to be involved.


From a dues paying member.

To commence the disciplinary process, two ESC members who are not on the board, or any one Board Member, should formally file a written complaint against the offending member. This complaint should be delivered to any board member, who will report it to the rest of the board & notify the member. The complaint should identify the complaining members, the member complained about, and describe as simply & clearly as possible the alleged misconduct. Without a written complaint, no action can be taken.


From a non-member.

While it is most likely that a non-member would complain directly to the front office, these guidelines are designed to review actions which could harm the club as a whole. In the event that a non-member has a complaint, that person should be directed to or contact any Board Member, who shall decide if the non-members complaint merits a formal complaint. The board should inform the member involved (if known), or inform the club membership if the actual member is not known. Without a written complaint, no action can be taken.




Yellow Card

Complaint was found to be credible. Board decides sanction: First offense: either a home-game probation, from one to three games, or a suspension from Section 101 from one to three games. The sanctioned member may still attend games (in other areas of the stadium). If a repeat offense is found to occur while on probation, or a suspended member enters the section, a red-card hearing will be initiated If there are 2 yellow cards in a season, a red-card hearing will be initiated.

Red Card

This should be a rare occurrence.


The offense would have to be either very serious (up to and including criminal charges, etc) or persistent repetition of a yellow-card offense. Board members would have to be unanimous to eject a member from the ESC. Inability to come to a unanimous consent of the board would result in progressive yellow card sanctions/suspension of privileges.


We ask that all members please understand that the reputation of our club

is on the shoulders of every member, every day. Any rights that we enjoy regarding access to the stadium and privileges of membership as they relate to the team/stadium are the result of a trust that is placed in us that we will behave in a proper manner at all times. We look to you to honor and respect that commitment, and to understand that the whole of this club is- and always will be- bigger than any one member.

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